Dini Romano sculture
The Technique

Romani Dini doesn’t go beyond tradition; this is true also fo the choice of raw materials: bronze, and above all clay.
The Impruneta clay is a live and sensitive material; it has the characteristic of becoming strong, solid and very hard when modelled and baked.
The baking method follows ancient rules; actually the works of art stay inside the wooden oven for a long time which can vary from 6 hours to 3 days.
Many characters belong to the blue shadows of the nights and to reflections, looking for opening and safety.
That’s why Romani Dini Chooses the green colour mixed with deep blue. The result is an intense, lively ultramarine as it was moon-lit permeated, which leads his works out of darkness.
The red colour on the contrary is rarely used; you can note it in the Dante’s cloth; Dante who Reached down the Hell, crossing the weakness and evil of men without involvement.
The white of the warm hues of gold and butter is present in the works devoted to Paradise.
All of them are water colours.