Dini Romano sculture
The artist

He was born on 20 May 1955 in a small Tuscan village, Laterina, near Arezzo. From his work as a craftman he has learnt how to model and turn his will into clay and stone. His workshop is located in Moncioni near Montevarchi, in a remote place among cypresses, olive trees, rosemaries.
Romano says he isn’t a good speaker and for this reason he tries to communicate through materials the adventures of his imagination where history and legend have great part.
The artist is founder-partner of the Association Remo Gardeschi and creator of the group I Vita Nova where sculpture, music and drama mingle together for theme shows regarding the Divine Comedy.
He is recently responsible, on behalf of the Montevarchi Municipality, of the Artistic Direction for the Cribs Christmas Exhibition That night in Bethlehem