Dini Romano sculture

Romano Dini, as a self-trained person, has worked using both painting and carving for various themes and with different materials. He has got a production devoted to the themes of Cribs and The Divine Comedy.

“Romano Dini interprets life with materials; he goes through history considering myth, he models the space to turn it into time. He’s a sculptor truly and technically linked to his land where he finds clay and stone, the materials suitable to give place to his emotions and thoughts. His meeting with Dante and The Divine Comedy has allowed him to develop an artist path where the eroic power of great characters and the global participation of desperates and humbles find a place.
Romano accompanies Dante and Virgilio during their voyage silently, giving shape to their meetings, thoughts, colours (first of all red and green) and to our imagination.
Dini is a man whose art was born and developed in a land (Tuscany) where the culture of beauty is deeply rooted and to which he tries to give a meaning using his own hands, his sensibility, looking for values and perspectives.”
(Sergio Neri).

Mostra in Vaticano 2021
Quella Notte a Betlemme 2016
Dalla Selva Oscura . . . alla Diritta Via – video